A Fly-Fisherman's Guide to Radical Freshwater Ultralight Spin Fishing

I created this site as an avenue to expose a book, Piscatorial Absurdities recently released by a good friend and phenomenal fly fisherman Joe Robinson of Austin, Texas.  Joe has spent the past 15 years obsessively and passionately researching his hidden passion, the art of ultralight spin fishing, and has compiled it into a manuscript, Piscatorial Absurdities.  In this book, Joe covers the use of tiny spinning rods, bail-less spinning reels, the lost art the "Snap Cast", lure modification, effectively fishing with 2lb and 3lb test, and much more.  This book not only provides history and technical information but is sure to make you laugh and catch more fish.  --Ted

Currently, the book is available through Sportsman's Finest in Austin, Texas.

Sportsman's Finest